"Light-bulb-moments" are wonderful!!!

We ourselves, got ours the other night and rid the household of every single one of them wink

Meaning the "curly-cube" guys. Absence of migrains (other night translates to maybe a couple weeks or so) disposed of properly. There's an actual HAZMAT-TEAM that needs to be called should one break as well as well - unbelievable, but even companies are required to have them.

My feeling is they aid in transmission of some sort. Like metal within a liquid fluency.

We moved into the house, house a mess and cleaning it up along the way and found these here and there.

I know there's Mercury in these things and considering public awareness...let's just say, it will be likely for much of the populous to toss 'em rather than get in a car and drive them to a facility.

Er-go, well, if you need a hazmat team to clean just one...what happens when you've thousands toppled in a land-mind somewhere?

Answer: Easy, you'll be fined and or fired in one way or another.

Simply look into what exactly these little compressed thingies actually have IN THEM????

BTW - stress level, for once - just perfect!

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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