I was just in the kitchen getting ice cream and with a tone of voice that meant I was a moron she told me that we had ice cream spoons, she has often said that to me and this time I answered back remaining her that she too never uses it.

I printed the map for a small city about three hours away from here (the 1 that has the 2 houses and also an old house) and then wrote all the details and when she came back inside I gave it to her (would of loved dad to be there too but he went outside like 1 hour ago and still is there somewhere). If next week this is not done yet I am out of here.

Mom is still either worst as dad or at his level or close to him, she has not come back to how she pushed my buttons since being worst than dad. Dad is fully back to his psychopathic self.

When they talk about selling the house it is always with an if attached to it, these are the same people that eventhough this month has just started they are in the red as far as money goes (and they bought today things we do not need at all - last night is when i learned they were already in the red i told her something that we use in the kitchen was almost done so we should stop at the store they sell it and she said no we do not have the money and that thing cost less than 10$).

Oh and mom did not call the agent to tell him about the mistakes.