About two weeks ago mom called an agency that protects buyers (of everything) in my province. The man she spoke with sent us a form and that form is a complaint to our insurance company (our agent is nice but she too has been ignored by the man who is supposed to give us our money). Monday we mailed it and ironically while we were out our agent called, she did call back after we were back and mom did not want to answer but dad did and he told her that they would receive a letter soon. This morning while I was sleeping our agent called and she said that the man would call this afternoon.

I have no idea what will happen when he calls. Both my parents kept saying for months that they would never accept a small amount but since mom was serious about that dad decided to accept even if it is a small amount. If we do get paid it means that finally it is over and also I will get at least a small amount of money to add to my 20000$. Plus it means that what they said they were waiting for to go visit their best friend where we lived for more than twenty years will be done so no more excuses.

Both my parents actually want to go this time (mom to see her friend and dad to show off his new car) but their pleasure to kill me bit by bit is very strong so I have no idea if they will go or not.

One thing is for sure: If they say they will go but do like they did which is not go I am out of here and they will never see me and have any contact ever again!