I had an idea earlier today and if this happens it would bring me at least a full week of peace so my stress level is low today.

I still have no job but everytime I have money that I don't have to spend I put it aside even if it's just cents. That money is not a lot but it could help me a little if I were to move on my own or it could give me a little vacation somewhere or a shopping spree. My idea was to give gas money to my parents so they can go spend at least a full week to an old neighbor of ours. That woman is so nice that she has always refused any money so all my parents need is gas money. 400$ would be enough to go there and come back and it will also be enough for a week there. There's a bank in our small town so if they go at the end of the month I could pay their bills at their place and if I have appointments a nice neighbor will gladly drive me there so no worries even they would be gone more than a month! They went there three times since we moved but it was always for less than one week because then my dad only wanted that but now since he is in the middle of all the drama here (normally he always could hide and let my mom take care of all of it but now he has to be in the middle) so now he wants to go there for more than just a few days. This sure would cost less than a vacation and it would also serve as a vacation so win for everyone especially me.

I will only do that if I see myself having to live with my parents a few more years (im still searching for a way out but right now these way out are me barely eating and paying rent...living with stressful parents is hard but not eating or ending up in the streets is worst).