Congratulations for your awards! It's a shame though that they forgot to call your name for one of them!

Accepting awards must be fun and stressful. There are many people who receive many and they still get stressed out when they are nominated for another one. I remember that when we had to recite things or do other things in front of our class I was extremely nervous and everytime when I began talking it all went away, writing is my only talent so I had confidence in my homeworks when it was us who had to write what we wanted.

Breathing is an excellent way of relaxing. When I remember about doing it works.

You are right about blocking all the lights, when there's just a little tiny bit of lights this stops me from sleeping or it wakes me up. Noise never bother me except when I have trouble sleeping, I'm in one of these phases now so little noises can wake me up.

It's funny that you mention lists of what is coming up because I made a plan to sit down tonight and make one about my big day coming up.

The healthy foods and water is coming soon for me. There's little bottled water with SpongeBob in it, they are 330ml so that should be easy to drink one of these bottles per day, after a while of that I could drink more.