There's a man here that started months ago bothering my dad then my mom. It escalated to a few months ago him filming them (mostly my dad) and then he started to make threats (only to my dad). My dad tried with the police, yesterday he went to the police station and they told him that with what he had they cannot do anything. This morning while I was still in bed I heard my dad say to mom while coming back from a walk that that man told him to meet him in one of the dirt streets in the middle of nowhere at 13:00 and my dad agreed. He left by foot alone and without any protection a few minutes ago. My mom seemed to think this was all okay so I told her that if something happens to him that there's no way that with our little checks (i get barely 500$ and i think she gets less than 100$) that we would be able to keep the house and that I refuse to put into it the little money I was able to put aside (maybe we would have enough for a few months...i doubt more than 6) so I would not stay and I also added after that that I think this is not normal behavior and that it is stupid and dangerous. She of course was angry at me first for daring voicing my opinion then she thought I was on the side of the maniac after my dad. My dad did not start all that trouble (a miracle because all the troubles he has had with people until then was always started by him) but that going alone unarmed in the middle of nowhere to meet a crazy man who is on drugs and alcohol almost all day long all year long who also has many guns, knifes and friends just like him is not what you do in a situation like that. She then proceeded to tell me I was just like Luc (a trouble maker in our family who is also heartless and a drug addict...very nice of her) and that I was the one that did not understand and had the problem. So I said okay then I am the one who do not understand and have the problem and she said I never said that (she did...just like a few months ago when she talked to me after me of not talking for many weeks she could not remember at all what had happened).

So now my dad is probably already hurt or dead or getting hurt or killed or soon will be hurt or dead and this is all okay and normal and I cannot see that because I am stupid and on the side of the maniacs of the town.

My mom went to hide in a family's house near ours (the second house on the left).

I'm getting ready to walk to the town's bank. I have three bills to pay (luckily the other 2 came today) and I was going to get up early tomorrow morning for the errands my parents normall run on that day but I have no idea if my dad will be alive by then and how he would look so I figured I would do that (its only open from 14:00 to 18:00 on thursdays).

I will go in my bedroom now to see how much money I have aside, it's been a few months since I was able to put any money in that hidden place and I cannot recall how I had the last time I checked. I even had to take a few here and there at some points last year.

To get away from here and be able to eat enough to stay alive until I find a job I have to find a place with electricity included for 405$ or less (that would left 100$ for food...i may get more when i move since i get the minimum for staying with my parents). These places exist but are rare and go very fast. If I can find a place like that I could get the internet at least with the money set aside or just use it for extra food or better yet to buy furniture when I would get a job (not before in case it takes a long time to get 1 and i have to eat more or some emergency arrives).

I should of moved on my own when my dad came back home after leaving his job and leaving us in trouble. I had 16000$ and that was enough for an appartment with internet and satellite and a monthly bus and subway pass for at least one year and I would of had a job in no time since I was living near big cities but no stupid me came here and did not realised until there was only 1000$ left that my parents had stolen it all from me (if you ask them it was not stolen...apparently when you borrow money and never pay it back from your daughter you cannot call that stealing).

Anyone want to trade places with me?