I did look at the rooms instead of appartments last year but here (the entire province not just my region) simple rooms are often more costly than an appartment. If I am to just have a room and have to share everything else with strangers I would do it (would be hard since im very shy....would still be better than my situation) but not at more of the cost of an appartment (this is 1 of the several examples of how stupid is my province).

It sounds like you are living in a very nice region!

There were an apparment for 315$ (or 325$...less than 350$ for sure) in Causapscal (the nearest town) but the electricity was not included so I could not take it. Having to wait until I get an electric bill scares me, I don't think I could do it unless very rich.

Ralfie won easily in two quick sets, now I am waiting for my Dallas Stars!

You love Hockey too? That is cool, who is your team?

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