Stress level today so-so...

It's doing something about it rather than sitting on it that helps, me anyway. That and quiet time to center so there are avenues seen for one's self to take.

Having said that:

Nancy, what I meant by "rooms" was that room and board are free and/or maybe $100-$200/mnth and a person does light housework or just keeps a person company that may not have the ability to move around and perhaps make meals.

Hockey? Out here mine are out of Peoria, locally but I like the "Red Wings" as well, pretty much anything hockey. I think Black-Hawks are in there too, lol. It's been a long time but I'd rather see that than golf!!!!

I'm glad your stress-level is low. You know, no one has it down just right. And the truth - the reality of it all is that much of stress is actually hidden, unexposed in order to appear "normal" whatever that is.

But again, you can vent, relax, and envision a possible and different future for well...the future if we let it in, make sense? smile

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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