Today it was lower.

I took my last 0,5 ativan last night at 2:58 after my night routine and then went straight to bed. It took me a while (maybe 1 hour) to fall asleep, I do remember waking up twice for a while each times but I slept more than I did sleep the previous nights. I was so relaxed when I woke up that I stayed in bed daydreaming with my eyes closed for maybe one hour before getting up.

As for my parents they were annoying but compared to previous days they seemed calm. My mom was the most annoying this morning, it was like she knew that I had gotten up relaxed and she had to ruin that. My dad was the most annoying tonight, he did not gave the impression to do that on purpose (he rarely mom its obvious she does it on purpose but with my dad its like he has lost his mind and gone completely insane or is about to lose it).