Lisa......take a deep breath later before you start and you should be ok in the crowd. If you are speaking, look above their heads and address the wall behind them. It may help and they will never know.

My stress is anticipatory stress. Later in the week my departed boyfriend's 11 yr old daughter will be here to visit with her grandparents who she has not seen since Christmas, even though she does not live far away. The mother is at fault for this, and is pushing the daughter to go through her father's things here in the apartment, instead of focusing on seeing her elderly grandparents. I am stressed because I live here and my stuff is all around too, and I don't want the emotional upheaval of pulling stuff out from everywhere to go through it.

I have a lot going on myself with trying to find a job and going through items I just emptied out of my storage unit. I am also still in my healing process. If I thought the daughter really wanted this I would not be so stressed, but the mother is pushing the issue. She is a very aggressive person. I just wish the mother would have respect enough to go through everything after I move out of the in-law apartment in a year or two. I really think this is a family matter and I don't want any part of it, especially the emotions of it all when I am trying to move on.

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