Yesterday (had 1 hour and 12 minutes of peace - only dad came back and about an hour later mom called and he went to pick her up - he left before my walk and they were back when i came back from it):

Dad = I had to deal with dubbing five times and he pushed my buttons 25 times.

Mom = She bothered me one time, gave me a look one time, made trouble a few times about something (she asked me if i wanted to go to Rimouski before my appointment of friday so i said not wednesday and she went to her room saying that she may not go friday then she came back and said tuesday would be fine because i said that i would not be able to go wednesday then i told her to wake me up if she would be sure because i did not want to wake up early for nothing and she had said she was not sure then she said she was sure after asking dad a few times like a child if it was ok to go there that day and i said ok ill get up early by myself then later she said she did not want to go anymore) and pushed my buttons 14 times.