Abusing your own child is not a mistake! This is why criminals are not punished because everything is excused! Like the last time a parent forgot his child in the car who cooked alive was not too long ago in my province and the place he was supposed to bring his baby was blamed, now many people wants a law that will force the people who works where they babysit kids and babies to call the parents after realising the kids are not there after a certain amount of time! No! It is to the parents to take care of their kids and not anyone else! And again not everything is a mistake! Forgetting your bank card in the ATM machine is a mistake, or thinking your movie or show is on a channel then when there you find out it's on another is a mistake, what is not a mistake is letting your kid cook alive in your car and it is also not any of what my own parents did to me!

And by the way I know I should of moved away decades ago, that I am still with these monsters is on me, not anything else even the new ways they come up with to torture me because all that is on them! Anyway the way you talk it is never our fault so I do not know why you think all I have to do is leave (AGAIN i know that its what i have to do). My friends think it is not my fault that it is all the abuse that started when I was born (PROBABLY EVEN BEFORE) and yes they have screwed me royally but I am not kept in chain and I live in a country where I have rights and exit doors.

If one day you feel like your soul is dead (felt that way in Ste-Florence - im still very much in a low place but at least i do not feel that way anymore) we'll see how strong you are and how easy for you it is to forgive.