Nancy -

Ah but see, it's where you have your expectations set.

It's *normal* to run into computer problems! That's normal and natural and happens every day. It would be *abnormal* for computers to work flawlessly smile. So rather than imagining an abnormally no-hurdles world which doesn't really exist, it's less stressful to realize that the world does always have hurdles in it, and to wonder each day what the hurdles might be.

It's like a rainbow. Rainbows only come after rain. The rain isn't "unnatural". It's normal and good and it waters flowers - and then we get rainbows!

Yes, every day has strange things happen. That's what life is smile.

Today I was all ready to print three photos to submit to an "abstract" art show. I was then told by friends that my photos aren't actually abstract. One could think of this as an abnormal setback. But it's just part of life! Life is this way. And now I'm having lots of fun choosing other photos. I'll go post about it in the photography forum.

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