Thank you!

I still am pretty much stress free (the stress that was coming from my parents that is....that was the major part of my stress so now the stress i have is little and can be managed).

I think I am done with writing down all my options, I want to give myself a few more days of thinking to be sure I have not forgotten anything. Then I'll make a decision on my future.

Windows 2008, never had that one. It is weird that they used that for a website, I would of thought that using the newest one would be the best. But except for using the internet and a few other easy things I pretty much don't know anything about computers. My favorite Windows was Windows 98, I miss that thing almost everyday. I'm stuck with Windows 7, I hate that thing, Vista and XP were awesome compared to it. I was waiting for the latest one and was so angry when I saw that it was made for touched screens.

I hope your website is back to complete normal now!