Until this year she has always enjoyed being in pain. Her favorite story of all time is when she had an allergic reaction to a coconut pie and she waited one week to go see her doctor, she always lights up with pride when she gets to the part of her doctor saying with shock why did you wait so long to get help. The only time I have seen and heard her show that she did not like it was a few times these past months about her (thats what they say she has but who knows if its true - the doctors here are idiots to say the least) extreme gastroparesis but some of that is her just whining to get sympathy from me.

My dad realised what happened a few minutes ago, I was in the kitchen making some food and she was walking holding her back and he asked her if her back hurt (thats a miracle in itself that he asked that and he was not even laughing) and she told him what happened and that I who was downstairs heard it and came to look if she was still alive. He of course did not react (that too is a miracle because normally that makes him laugh).

She took two aleves (shes allergic to aspirin). She says that her back and shoulders hurt mostly but her head hurts too of course.

The bath is on a platform so it is high. We do have a shower but both my parents hate taking showers. The way it's installed too handles would be pointless to install because she could still fall since it would be too far from the bath for her to hold onto to get in and out.

If one day I am able to break free it will probably take me years to finally have a day where I am fully stress free (anything makes me jump up and makes my heart beats fast and that of course does not include all the other symptoms of having 2 people like my parents has parents) but at least they would not have any more impact on me!