A mistake is something we do that is incorrect. If we choose a wrong answer on a test we make a mistake. It could be that in Canadian there is a different meaning for the word, but in my readings and discussions in the US if someone does something wrong they say "I made a mistake." Everything we do is on purpose. We choose our actions. How can we do something not on purpose? There is no alien creature controlling us. Our own brains control our actions. We choose every action we take.

If someone chooses not to look at what they are doing that is a choice. If they make an incorrect decision based on faulty data that is a choice. Everything we do in life is a choice. We have to own up to our choices.

You are an adult person who is still choosing to live with your parents long past the age of 18. Those people are abusive to you. You should leave. My sister left our house when she was 15. I left when I was 17. There was no way we were going to stay in a house with parents who did not treat us well. We left. That's what children do when they are no longer minors. They leave.

There is no reason to stay. Zero. None. You should leave.

You talk about all the problems and issues and stresses you have, caused by them. Leave. You are choosing to stay in a toxic stew which harms your health every single day. Leave.

Go somewhere quiet where you can be alone. Somewhere peaceful. Somewhere with no stress. Choose a counselor to talk with, to help you. With the stress you've been through, you absolutely need help. You deserve a quiet place without those people there hurting you.

Choosing to stay in that toxic house makes zero sense.

You can leave. You are choosing to stay. That is harming you daily. Leave.

If you need help to leave, because you can't carry your things, then get a helper. And leave.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum