I am still giving the silent treatment to my parents like they did to me many times. Except one time Tuesday morning when she tried to start a fight my mom have not tried any form of contact with me, she acts like I don't even exist. That Tuesday I had an appointment and errands to run before it so I talked to my dad but only to tell hom where I needed to go and how long the appointment would take, he thinks this is funny.

I am still doing fine with it all. Today I decided to stay here longer so I have more money when I will move out.

My mom is not oblivious like my dad so she knows that all she has to do is to apologize but she never had to do that so she hates that. I don't even have to change my schedule so I can avoid her because she is the one avoiding me. I thought about this a few days ago and I think she did not even talk about me paying for a vacation for them with my dad, one of these days when I think it's a perfect time I will ask him if she did.

My mom by doing that to me is the one who is paying. Now she is alone. After she tried to start a fight with me she went straight to my dad and I heard her say that she is tired of this. On rare occasions she can talk to her best friend on the phone and go see a nice neighbor but almost 100% of the time now she is all alone. We used to talk about everything, we could debate, confide each others, joke, watch movies, television shows, listen to music, when she needed something I could help her, she could go to the internet and she could learn what is going on in the world from me. Plus she is still sick. That is her choice. If she apologizes I will not go back to being manipulated by her but at least I will become civil again.

And the worst of it all is that on September 26 it would of been my brother's birthday. She loves to bring him up to make me and everyone else feel bad but yet she decides to ignore her only remainding child because she wanted to give her parents a paid vacation that they both wanted and needed.