A mistake is something that is not planned, not done on purpose. My parents planned both of us and on purpose abused us since our births. They also made the choice of keeping with the abuse when one of their child died. It is their own choice so it is not mistakes we are talking about. I gave you two examples of what are mistakes. Want another one? Okay you are in a grocery store and you want original Ritz but you pick one that has less salt in it instead because you were too quick and the boxes looked the same. Not a mistake? You enter that grocery store with a gun and you rob the place and while at it shoot at least someone.

And I have no idea how many times you want me to say that it is my fault that I am still with them but this is the last time; for that I am done.

I suppose you will tell me when I am on my own to just stop thinking about that abuse, to just get over my depression, just do not have panic attacks, just do not jump. You did tell me to tell my brain to not be afraid of spiders anymore so I suppose this is what I should do when I am far from my parents? Oh and also apparently to beat shyness all you have to do is go out and be around people and just talk to whoever. Hey you should open an office and tell people who have PTSD of any kind to just tell their brain that everything is okay and to just stop having triggers and panic attacks and anxiety attacks too. I have a friend who was raped twice and the last time it was by a group where they also injured seriously her back, she also ended up in debt because of her husband and she did not left him and the last time I heard from her she was still with him, if she can afford a new computer or to repair her broken one I could give you her email address so you can tell her to just forget about it and be happy that her husband is alive when he treats her like garbage, she also has serious damages to her teeth and gums which she cannot afford to take care of, while at it you could tell you to ignore the pain, hey that would be like with my phobia just tell her brain that she is not in pain. Wow what a genius you are.

And by the way when the hell did I say that a parent is a parent when he or she had sex with the opposite sex to make a child?

Oh I just thought about it since all I have to do is either ignore or tell my brain something maybe I should just tell my brain that I do not have insomnia or and ignore the insomnia, hey I will try that tonight and see if I can sleep a normal night tonight sleep yep I am sure this is all it takes wall!