Something I'm proud of? I cannot seriously thing of one thing.

I am talented with writing but it's been so long that when I tried writing again I did not know where to start. I have had that wonderful story that would make a great book but it has been on my head for many years and it's almost all gone now.

I realised later last night before my shower that I made a mistake with what I did (i preffer not to say...ill talk about it when it will be done...its step by step work) so I have to do it again, I'll wait until I'm having a nice day so if I make mistakes again while doing it I won't end up calling myself names and hitting myself.

Yesterday was just an awful day, it not only was bad and stressfull it was very long, I was up for about fifteen hours and it felt like days. I almost had a panic attack after my shower because I had water fall on my left eye, that's how that day was. And to top it off when I was about to fall asleep my right ear started hurting and that kept me awake for most of the night, I will be suprised if I slept for one hour.

Thank you very much for all you said! I forgot about that stop sign trick so I did not try it.