Dad mailed the accepted offer this morning. So now we are waiting for the money and I am waiting to see if they will go on a vacation so I can too have one.

Mom sent me a few sarcastic remarks this morning. One was about me making a mistake on the calendar (i wrote my next appointment on the wrong day) then it was about her having said earlier she'd go to the drugstore later today (she was saying that she would maybe clean either outside or inside and i said that she said that she would go run errands and that made her angry and then it was followed by a sarcastic remark) and for the last it was about a plate I had washed last night (some food was left on it).

Dad went to dubbed movies on purpose several times today when I was upstairs.

And all that does not include when they were pushing my buttons. They probably realised that they went easy on me for a few days and that I had a few mornings and nights of peace so they had to do their best to try to erase all that. I have had a few bad days lately which is the best I can have here and they cannot let that go on obviously.