Anytime! wink And you know...if it comes time, I understand apts. for $500 are out there and go swiftly.

However, there are places, in which people who care, reside. And, for a fraction of what an apt. costs, often offer room and board simply for the company and/or literally, just making someone's meal.

At $500/mnth. at least here, you'd qualify for pretty much everything, including food, meds, Dr.'s visits.

Don't EVER believe something's impossible - those are the cells (walls) that can keep any person living behind, indefinitely!

We create via mentality! That's what a writer does! The words then fall into the laps of others, which inspire or they can relate to, even offer hopes of not feeling alone and/or "crazy" for feeling what they do.

That "alternate reality" then, can offer the mind with a set of limitations, with actions; like a train, leading into motions that benefit one's Soul and enhance one's livelihood.

We're only "face-down" when we feel and/or believe the illusion the - "No way out..." and yes, it was VERY difficult, not to mention painful for him. But NOW, he's much more confident and guilt-free (yay for him)!

Have fun w/the match. Love hockey!

Best of luck smile

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