Your parents are never going to change. They have been this way for years and it is their way of being.

Your health is all important. There is no reason for your health to be continually and daily damaged because your parents are the way they are. It would be like your heath being damaged because the sun rose in the east. It's out of your control. Out of your control. Out of your control. Say that to yourself as a mantra.

You need to detach yourself from paying attention in any way to the things they do. There is no reason to pay attention to them. There is no reason to be emotionally involved with them. For as long as you are in that house, your #1 goal needs to be to protect and improve your health. That means lowering your stress. That means detaching emotionally from the things they do.

Think of your parents as research experiments. They are examples of poorly operating human beings. DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED. Detach yourself. DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THEM. Detach yourself. Observe what they do and turn away.

Stop watching for or counting the "bad" things they do. That activity reinforces those actions in your mind. You are deliberately adding stress to your world. You need to *separate* yourself from them emotionally. Instead you keep actively connecting yourself to them. And then you suffer every day.

They are out of your control. What they do does not matter.

It's life-critical for you to do this. Everything else depends on it.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum