My parents went out to run errands, they came back when I was walking (ignored them - they probably did not liked that - lol) and when I came back I learned that they had bought me scallops and lobster (love seafood especially lobster). They know I have a hard time getting rid of the shells so my mom asked me if I wanted her to do it for me so I said yes. I knew at least one of them would use that and turn it to a negativity somehow which my mom did a few minutes ago (my tennis player lost today against someone i hate and of course they were careful when i came back home - it was obvious by the way i was acting that he had lost). She told me that I should eat my lobster soon and I replied you know I have a hard time getting the shell off thinking that she had changed her mind and she almost screamed I will do it for you, I just turned around and went back to my room. I should of said nothing because the way she said you should eat it soon had a sarcastic and mean tone to it.