So the idiot is gone now. He basically told my parents that us three are liars. He thinks that CDS nobody has these things anymore so since the start he never believed we had this many (i had 1000 or more or at the least close to it). As for my things he only believe that I had the Mercedes items for Michael Schumacher and a few other things from the Dallas Stars (only what he could see from the last 7 years for my visa and 3 years for my master - this is the only thing they could give us) and he said (i was downstairs but with my door opened so i heard everything) that for the rest it is not true. And also for our furniture he does not believe that the four storey house was not completely furnished.

He asked for my parents to bring the receipts of everything we have bought so far to our agent (tomorrow its Canada Day so itll be the next day) which basically means that if we do get money it will probably just be what he have bought.

The irony of this all is that before we got this house my parents insured it with them (that was before we started having problems with them - they really were quick for the house) and this two storey house and what it has inside is insured for a total that is more than 500000$! They cannot pay 200000$ for what we paid to be insured for which was a big house fully furnished and with lots of other things in it but apparently if this house is lost to a fire we will have half a million dollars crazy!