Me too...

Want to hear a funny story (it's true)?

Well spiders in general are considered spiritual. I myself, ummmm, not seein' why, but they are.

They LOVE me! I mean they send me Valentine's day cards, crawl in just about any Orphus you can think of.

So I was having a consultation w/a group or group-read, gathering.

How it works for me is I chit-chat about anything, strawberry pie, doing laundry (it's kind of like the old fashioned dial-tone or eh, never mind, lol)

so it's a party read and I'm at the table - the end. Someone is across from me and 2 sets of people are facing eachother on the sides.

I just start talking about how I HATE spiders and don't know why, but they're attracted to me like kids and animals.

Everyone's listening...trying to avoid eye-contact basically or stifling laughter or something and I'm like, "What?"

This "ballzy" Spider - 1/2, drops down from the ceiling and about 3 inches above my head, drips down a millicentameter at a time! Inching closer and closer.

They couldn't keep it in any longer and all busted out laughing and I was so grossed out I fell over backwards on the chair I was trying to both duck and get out from -

Very professional wink

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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