Right now the stop sign is only working with my dad. My mom is right now in the other living room making me crazy, that stop sign is not working at all (she has been going at it since this breakfast).

She left me a note the other day saying that if they would not go she would give me my 200$ back, today she told me that the only way they won't go is if their friend (where they will stay...our old neighbor) is sick or something else that is bad happened, if she would of explained it like that it would not of brought me so much extra stress and it would not of scared me (a nightmare i had this week is probably due to that note).

When I think of other people who are so much worst than me I feel worst than I did before thinking about it.

If I can have these four days by myself I just know that I'll have the energy that is lacking right now to do something.

A few months ago I was going to buy on Amazon something to learn German but at the last minute I deleted it, there is no way that I can learn a new language in my situation.

It's getting colder here and soon there will be less flies and spiders so I won't have that excuse anymore for not walking.

Next week I'm going to do-over what I did the other night but did it so fast and stressed that I did it wrong, I'll pick a day and time where I will not be stressed (or fully stressed...moments where im not stressed at all are very rare).

I also started watching Tennis again. I only had my Dallas Stars to follow this past year so following Ralfie again (Rafael Nadal) is going to help me too (tonight will be my second match back to the some miracle it will be live on tv).