I don't see how I could change my fear of spiders. Last Autumn before a Formula One race I was watching television waiting for my juice to freeze so I could eat breakfast I suddendly had the sensation that I had to look down and there was the biggest spider I have ever seen, that thing was bigger than a tarentula and had it's legs in a v-shape ready to jump, I almots died right there and there's zero exageration! My screams of death did not even made my parents get up and no gigantic brown spider was ever found, it took me many months to be able to put my feet on the ground while on a chair and walk in a room that was dark. That's the main reason why for most of the year I don't walk, when you walk during Summer and you see many trees have their tops full of spider webs and you get at least one nearly jumping on your feet almost everytime you are out it's not very fun. Plus they walk in the snow during Winter (NO joke!!!!). When I had a job I could of went on beautiful islands but the fear of tarentulas was what stopped me, when I see beautiful images of paradise like places the spiders and how big they must be is always my firt thought.

My grandmom has always refused help that is from outside the family. And what she accepts from her family are small things like driving her somewhere, nothing like helping her clean her house. My parents were finally able to put a longer cable on her phone so she could answer while in bed, that took them more than a year to do that!

When I screamed for help with the spider on the fridge both my parents were in the basement so they both arrived at the same time. He normally don't joke around with spiders, that one was a baby so he must he figured he could do that then, did not worked like that.

The doctors here are licensed but they don't care. When pushed they do their work but my mom was letting them push her around so they did it. The doctor I saw when I first went to the emergency room when I thought I was chocking called me crazy, that's how they are here. On May 27 my mom has a test then on June 11 she has blood tests and on June 21 she goes to see our worthless doctor who retires soon after. If she is still standing then who knows when she will be able to see the real doctor who cares. Again, if my mom would not have waited to this point it could all be over now! And I bet that what she really have is something easy to find (if you are a doctor) and easy to cure. She still goes off about my grandmom spending her entire life refusing medical care when she could have, she also says almost everyday that if she ever gets cataracts she will go to Montreal to get that taken care of, it's a miracle that I have not said to her oh like you did when you first got sick! If she would be clueless like my dad it would be less frustrating.