My mom just fell in the bathroom. I was watching a new movie and had to go see what was going on because of course dad did not move at all eventhough he was in the living room which is close to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and she answered normally so I said oh I though you fell and she laughed saying that she did in the bath and again dad did not move at all. Good thing the movie I was watching sucked but I never stopped myself from watching a movie (except once many years ago - i had no choice because i was too sick) and I watched a lot who ended up being awful. This happened about five minutes ago and I am still shaking, at least my heart is beating normally. Her laughing about it is awful because she does not care about herself and me too because she knew that I was scared for her but she has been like that since I was born and she has never cared about me either. The movie is playing again tonight and I'll watch the end then, it's not how I had planned my night but I want to see the rest eventhough it sucks.