Mom just came here to talk to me and she tried to attack me because when she told me that upstairs I told her that I would move on my own, I immediately stop her then she said is there a way to have a sane conversation and I said that this is what I was doing so she calmed down.

She told me that she will only take care of the inside but no more painting and buying stuff for the house, outside she will only take care of the grass that grows in the borders (cannot recall what that thing is called). But like usual she (they are both like that but with her she always have caved to him) will not do what she said she will do, maybe this time she will do it for like a few days or weeks but she will cave before Summer ends that is for sure because he will be very tired since he will have to do almost everything outside now, even if he does not look and or sound tired and even if he does not whine about it she will cave anyway.

She said that he refuses to hear about it, he only said that it is not time because we have been here for just a short time and then when she tried to reason with him he almost screamed okay then sell the house and I will go live with my mom.

I will make sure to put money aside every month starting this month. I did not spend a lot the past months and thanks to that I have more than a thousand in my bank account, I could save and still pay my part of the satellite. I calculated things a while ago and by following what I came up with I will have at least 3000$ more aside by next year plus next June before leaving (if this is what i have to do) I could top it off with a 500$ to have 32000$. I would start searching at the least start of Spring to be sure to have an apartment before the start of October, those at my range of price are not in large quantities plus they go very fast.