When I was in bed the insurance man called and gave my dad an offer that sucks but looks like they will accept it (you never know what they will do until they do it then it can turn in many different ways with them).

The offer is 35000$ and 10000$ would be mine (i have 20000$ aside already). First we were insured for more than 200000$ (+ thats the only bill that they were paying in full and on time every months) and our four stories house was fully furnished with a lot of decoration, books and so on. And my things were probably worth 50000$ (at least close to it if not more).

They could ask the organization that takes care of consumers to do something about it and that won't cost us anything and we would at least get a little bit more (i know we would never get what we were insured for) but again with my parents there's no way which way they will go so who knows.

The papers of the offer will be mailed to us then it is my parents to either accept or not.

So far they had given us 45000$ (that was done a little after we moved here) so that will be a total of 80000$ for our material things.

That sucks but it could be worst.

Plus they have no debt. The house and everything else is fully paid off plus they were able to pay off all their debts to two banks and their credit cards. So we do not a lot of other stuff for the house plus all that is needed left to do is paint and change a few floors. Yes it would of been nice to change that oil stove (we are not using it) for a wood stove (if they are careful this actually could be done) and have a second bathroom done downstairs but still having a roof over our head and no debts is amazing (they are not dealing with this very well).

If they would be normal people I would take my savings and do a few things in the house but no way I will do that especially since in addition my mom keeps making threats of selling the house and dad could very well have that idea too one day. I won't even install a spa or pool outside.

And it would also of been nice to be able to stay here because with my savings I would of been able to rebuild my Shumi (a lot is not available anymore sadly), Stars (there too a lot is not available anymore and CDs collection plus at least get my face done by electrolysis but I cannot stay here for too long because I will die (i still have no idea why im not already dead and still have my sanity left).

I'll wait until they accept and I have my part then I'll decide when I'll do. One thing is for sure is that if they say they are going on a vacation and then change their minds I am out of there (id do it like a friend said i should which is wait until they are out for a few hours and leave then without telling them before).

I always have dreamed since I stopped being a separatist (because of being brainwashed as a kid) to leave Quebec and my guess is that 30000$ is enough to get a new life in another province; at least I want to be away from them.

So I will wait and see if they accept then I will wait to see if they are going on their vacation so I can too have one or move out immediately if they again change their mind.