I forgot to say that today dad really wants to see our listing but mom is making sure that he do not come here because I heat this room because it is super cold in this basement (close it at night and reopen it when i open my computer right after getting up) and she says that he will freak out when he will learn this and she is really scared of that. I hope he freaks out so I can face him! I am not going to freeze just because he wants me to, he would open the heat too if he would be in this basement but the rest of us should freeze. Mom says that she likes it that way but when I go see her in her room she is clearly freezing! I also open the heat before my shower because I get cold easily especially when wet (close it after im out), they both know it and say nothing (have done that since we moved from Saint-Hubert - there it was so hot i did not need to do that).