Just learned that they will leave Wednesday for Ste-Florence; mom will for sure come back Saturday and dad will either come back then too (yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!) or Friday or Thursday but the last time he came back the same day at night so who knows!

Today though I did have a few hours of peace, they left for Rimouski and a few minutes later I got up and they came back after 14:00. I would of been sleeping if it weren't that a Bird ended up in our chimney after 7:00 (im still sleeping on an air bed in the basement which is my choice), I woke up from a nightmare (do not remember it - maybe it was something else that woke me up but i did wake up like i was startled) and a few minutes later I heard a sound, it sounded like liquid in a pipe which was weird since both of them were still in bed then I was hearing other sounds which I thought was the electric heater in the next room but then I heard scratching so I knew but at first I thought it was a Bird hitting a window (theres 1 who did that a lot last year - the same window always). They tried getting him/her out before leaving and they were able to do it when they came back (at first it was by opening the small window outside then mom after being back put a net inside then took off the thing [we got the oil stove taken out and are supposed to add a wood stove later and until then it has been closed up] and about an half hour later he/she got in the net then was put outside).