Here we go again!

I calculated the satellite bill and went upstairs and said what about if I pay half then dad all insulted said I do not need anything then mom said yes you do then it was set on 100$ a month.

Dad after left to pay that bill and go to the grocery store looking like he was about to die and then mom started complaining.

I do not know if she will really do it but I said to just finish the painting in the basement and leave the upstairs like that, she said it is what she will do. The few renovations to do here is done. It is a beautiful house in front of the Fleuve Saint-Laurent with a huge yard so normally with just the painting to be done upstairs 250000$ to 200000$ should be what we will have when we will sell the house which should be done in two or three years.

I told her that 100000$ houses that only need painting done (told her that this does not cost a lot so you pay someone to do that before moving in - we already have the furniture - 100000$ set aside is plenty to pay taxes and whatever else needed) and she agrees with me but again she rarely stands up to him so who knows, my bet is that again the same will be done like they always have done which is sell the house then he will keep it all then choose a house that needs renovations and soon they will be in debt again. If they really sell this house then choose a house that will leave them half or more or another big amount set aside he will blow through it in no time.

Anyway this time I do not care because I have savings aside so if I am still with these two monsters when they sell this house and they do the same idiotic thing then I am out.

By the way mom came back here while I was writing the fifth paragraph to say that all she said is not to speak against dad crazy!