I am really in awe reading your posts and really wonder that there are really parents like yours. Made me miss my oldies more. I dont wanna brag coz it will only add up to the hurt you are feeling. How I wish you are my own daughter(I never had one...) I can only guess your narcissistic parents must have undergone awful things in their lives resulting to your current situation and what has become of them in your eyes (monsters! OMG :(

But watta! i can only say: Que sera sera! What will be, will be! The future's not ours to hold.

If they allow things to happen like that to you and to their lives, fate and destiny will come their way. I was just so sad they never noticed the beautiful side of parenting and having children. And missed the opportunity and bliss given only to a few individuals. I am not saying I am perfect in every way as a parent and as a person but I always make sure I practice values and righteousness not only to my own but to other people around me, on or offline.

I wish and pray good things for you Nancy as well as your parents and other people who are in the same shoe like you.