Lisa, my mom was indeed told that when she was young and she was the one who had to get out of school early and do everything for everyone but she did grew up knowing that this was not right. She often says that this is not right. And she often complains about people doing the same exact things she does. One of my aunt has been complaining to her for decades about her alcoholic husband and everytime my mom has told her that she can get out anytime and that the only reason she stays is because she gets something positive out of it, the same with my grandmom she always have told her that there are medical help out there that she can get immediately when she is sick or hurt. So she knows all of that and she tells other people all of that and yet she does the exact same things that she complains about others do (and dont do).

My grandmom does have many other options but she wants to stay in that house with no help, it took my parents more than a year until she finally accepted to go with them once a week into the next town to get her grocery (she has always asked for a delivery from the little store here that sells their things way too high $), she does not accept change and help easily, just like my parents, it's like this takes something important away from them. Monday my grandmom was admitted in the hospital but decided she wanted to leave the next day, if she would of stayed two or three more days she would be walking on that leg again.

I always think (i know someone in the US very sick and she does not have the $ to get any help) of the people who do not have access to any help and that makes me so mad when I think that my mom and grandmom could have help and they just refuse it. I think my mom now wants some help and she did find a real doctor in Rimouski Tuesday but it might be too late, she has not been eating a lot for more than a year and she is always in pain so waiting an extra month or more could be too long. Just like my grandmom, she could of sell her house and go live in a nice place, she loves to takk with other people so she would of been happy in addition of not being in pain all the time.

People make the strangest decisions sometimes, I know because I'm one of them (thankfully i never did that with my health at least).