My mom is the one who is meaner today. She is full of hate and almost everytime she has looked at me and talked to me today it was just pure hate in her towards me. And she just told both of us that if one day she is seriously ill she will go to a big city to get help, she has said that many times before without realising the stupidity of it since for about four years now she barely can eat but tonight she finally realised it and quickly said that it was for her eyes. Previously she was on the phone and I could hear her criticise people and like usual it was for things she and dad do.

Dad almost made me lose it today but it's not because he was at it nonstop it's because of the previous days where he barely stopped. He also found a way to talk against cops again, last night he saw something outside (a young woman running and a man driving a car behind her - she then in front of our house jumped into a pile of snow a few times then shivered almost dancing like and went in the car) and he decided today eventhough he does not think it was anything bad to go tell a cop at the station and he was told that nobody is missing and that it was probably nothing but in case to call them if something else happens, he came home saying that and then laughing at the cop and calling them all idiots.