My stress was very high today.

First my dad was driving me insane when I was doing the first part of my morning routine. Then I got banned from my email account (got it on february 27!!!!!!!! all they told me was that my account was suspended) at first I was angry then I started to freak out a little while I was trying to find a cheap stupid place to finish the time I had set for that email address then when that new one did the same to me right after welcoming me I had a panic attack (first saying what will i do without an email address then i said that i would get rid of the internet then i started insulting myself then hitting myself then saying that i wanted to be sound stupid over an email account BUT i was waiting for march 29 for over a month [for a few reasons...turns out it did not fault though and its not the end of the world] AND i had set that day for a new beginning.....november 9 2009 THE LAST NORMAL DAY OF MY LIFE......its like my city is the entrance of hell and my house is right on it!!!!!). And then my mom was driving me insane when I was trying to eat after calming myself and getting a new email address (had to go with the 1 my internet provider gave me....i hate it.....they put my moms name instead of mine and she does not want to call to make it ok).

Thankfully my Dallas Stars calmed me plus they won and the team that has the final playoffs spot lost so they are just one point behind!