Mom this morning looked like she was about to die. Turns out she only ate half a toast yesterday and she was wondering why she was feeling so bad. She even asked me and dad if it ever happened to us and I did not say anything (dad too). Then after eating a few toasts she started to feel better and she finally realised that it was because she basically did not eat yesterday.

Dad started a few times troubles with mom (once by laughing at her + once over a lotto ticket + once about our insurance settlement check not being here yet) and two times (the first was in the car alone with me then when mom was there too) and I did not gave him the satisfaction by helping him and agreeing with him. Mom of course let him walk all over her and two times (about the insurance check + before when she asked him a question and he just walked outside completely ignoring her) she defended herself but again of course it was just to me while dad was not there.

And a sound tonight scared me and it took me a few minutes to stop being nervous.