For the gazillion time I know it is my own fault that I am still with them! That does not erase the fact that they are monsters! It also does not erase what they did to me since my birth and that I will have to live with it the rest of my life (AND YES STARTING WHEN I COULD OF LEFT IT IS ON ME)!

And no not everything we do can be mistakes! Again that way of thinking is the main reason why there are so many criminals and people who just do not care and people who sue when they do idiotic things! There is zero common sense now! No accountability! Hey it is not my fault, I just made a mistake and heck you do not even have to say that because someone like you will come along and say it is not your fault all the while attacking someone who do accept their own fault!

Anyway I am done with this; I restarted again last week and if I want to stick with it this time instead of again not sticking with my decisions and restarting again I better do a few changes and not having an insane discussion (BY THE WAY i have no idea why you decided to start that the other day - i thought i had no life but at least i do not start trouble with others on the internet). Oh and that goes for anywhere else here too. I should of ignored you from the start or at least later that day but I guess it is better late than never.