Modern Woman,

Technically I have one, she changed a lot the past years so calling her a friend is basically just an habit. She came to visit a few minutes for a surprise (she went with her parents and friends in New Brunswick which is right next to my town and she thought of me while driving out of there and asked her dad and he said that they had to drive past here) then nothing except for like two emails for more than a year then she called me a few times during the week of my birthday then nothing except for like one email for more than two years then she sent me an email during a vacation, that time it was nice because she was thinking of me when I was having a very hard time (Michael Schumacher accident....that man is my god) but now it's like I am over her, if one day I want to talk to her I will call her.

I do have some on the internet but I never met them, they are actually nicer than Brigitte which is sad since they never met me and she and I were the closest of friends for many years.