Dear Lisa, I have some good news. My psychiatrist has changed my meds and I'm feeling much better. I know the new meds haven't had time to kick in yet, but just knowing that something was off-kilter and I wasn't going insane is a relief. The old meds were wearing off and I was having that delayed feeling whenever I moved my head, but didn't put it all together, but my shrink did. I think I'll be better able to handle the difficult events and decisions I am facing. I've been calling all the clients that owe us money and starting to get some rolling in. Also, I have a good chance at a new job with the same company that I work at, which is a hospice. It will be full time, doubling my salary. I'll know next week. If I get it, at least I'll be able to support myself if I do choose to leave my husband. I'm not going to do anything like that for at least a month to give the new meds a chance to work and see how I'm feeling then. So, Thank you for your help. I'll keep up with this post. Hope you are doing OK.

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