It was very high all through the day de to messing with governmental regulations to get next month's meds ahead of time, final packing for my trip, traffic construction diversion on the interstate, my cat screeching in my ear the entire drive, having my car stop running six times so far out to CA, and then finding every motel in Gila Bend was booked solid. I made it down to some town called Wellton where I could find a room (by then, at 1am).

I took my ativan and stayed mostly calm. No temper tantrums. I am proud of myself. And now, at this motel, I just took a long hot bath in a really deep, clean tub. Feeling peaceful at last. I will even do some gentle yoga stretches.

Tomorrow will be more car stress (this will be it's last trip). But i just have to limp it along to San Diego, and everything else will be taken care of. Parents are GREAT!. :-)