This will be wierd but you feel familiar... confused

I don't feel that living at home is the entire equation.

There's, I think anyway, a's gonna sound bad, but utilize the challenge/enemy, against itself. In this case, the one within or that which your current circumstances have placed you. smile

So IF you are at home, and for a time NEED to be, even if there is financial support and a roof over your head - yes, those are things, deffinately, especially these days to be appreciative of!

But that doesn't mean that's the end of the story. Nothing is EVER the end of ANY story, no matter how much you may feel or something outside of yourself, makes you feel that it is.

You start saving...

Like myself, mine is with excersizing. I have a terrible back thingy. So I make myself get on a stepper, just 60 sec. No more, even if I want to.

The next day...I will allow myself 2 minutes....- NO MORE>

With savings, empowerment to feel and see/experience a different way of life, can start with a penny.

Find one, pick it up and start the jar there smile ((huggs))

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