My stress was a little lower today.

My parents were less annoying today. My mom had a moment tonight where she tried very hard but I kept on talking over her until she stopped. As for my dad he had a moment tonight where he was losing it but he mostly was concerned with something that had happened today when they were both out running errands.

Most of my stress is about Rafael Nadal and if I will be able to see him on television, I was happy to learn Sunday that his first match would be Saturday night since the Dallas Stars are playing in the afternoon but a few hours ago I learned that Milos Raonic is scheduled to play at 17:00 so if his match is about to start at 20:00 they will pick him over Ralfie or they could just decide to show a replay of his match because they won't show Tennis at that time. That kind of stress is hard for me since my favorite athletes are basically keeping me alive but since I will be able to see him on the internet anyway I will take that stress over my parents! That would still ruin my night or at least make it less fun, I was waiting for Saturday since Sunday night frown.