Dad = I had to deal with dubbing three times and he pushed my buttons one-hundred-twenty-seven (+1 when i was in bed) times.

Mom = She had an attitude three times and pushed my buttons twenty-seven (+2 when i was in bed).

Starting today I will separate by three what they do to me (this is how i rate my days [my complete morning routine + day + my complete night routine] when they do things 1 part its bad when they do things 2 parts its very bad and when they do things all day its horrible). Now at one point if I am still here I will stop doing that but for now I will continue (it is all documented like that - yes it drives me crazy sometimes even more but that documentation helps me prove how they are + it will be in their letter with everything else i want to say to them [always dreamed of facing them when i will cut them off my life but i know it will just be another opportunity for them to abuse me so like that they will not see it coming so no way for them to ruin this and also i will be able to tell them everything i want to tell them] that they will find after im gone forever) but I set a date before that time and if they have not told me they will take their vacation or they at least have to leave an entire day I will stop this before then.