I had a stressful experience just before breakfast. I have a phobia of spiders and one was on the fridge when I went to the kitchen so I screamed for my parents and of course my dad had to act like he was mentally challenged so after saying for about a minute where the spider was he decided to see it and he was so slow that it disappeared, after about two or three minutes he realised that it was on the kleenex then he lost it again and started to laughed so I screamed at him and my mom found it again and after a few more tries the spider was finally killed. He went to hide in the basement because unlike my mom he cannot make fun of me and scream at me. He came back up when I went upstairs after eating. That's just like him, have fun at the expanse of others but when the people he laughs at dare not let him he either explode with rage or goes into hiding when he knows he cannot do that, and my mom who lets him.