Both of them are doing all of that on purpose and they also are enjoying it.

It is getting worst by the day and that started a few months ago.

First they want to be in debt again, they do not like at all that we have money aside and zero cent owed to anyone. That right there is a perfect example of how screwed up they are. I thought that when they started making their plans to be in debt again (in their heads it would cost too much to pay a painter to pain the walls and ceilings and to buy a tractor to cut the grass of our huge yard BUT they are making plans for 2 solariums which would both be heated and for at least another small building on our yard to put stuff in eventhough we have a big garage) but if that will calm them down it would be that they are actually in debt not just thinking about it. Then there's me who stopped showing them that what they are doing is working, sure it shows that I am a stressed mess but I do not show it when they are doing things on purpose, that is making them angry. And mom who spent all her life being proud of being sick (her favorite memory is when she was young and she waited 1 week to go see a doctor after she had an allergic reaction to a pie when she always got to the part where she was telling what the doctor told her when he saw her swollen face which was why did you wait so long she always had her face full of pride) and always told me (and my brother when he was alive) starting very young to not worry about her (and dad too - him too waits too long to seek medical help IF he does at all), when I finally stopped worrying about her and she realised that last year then she suddenly after more than fifty years started to complain about being sick.

I am making sure my plan is perfect before I leave. First I want to make sure that I get a job before my savings runs out (and i have to get a place that a minimum wage job would take care of that + food + etc) and I also want to make sure they cannot find me after I am gone.

In the meantime I am working on myself and I am putting money aside.

As for writing down everything they do to me I have a set date when I will stop doing that. Sometimes it is driving me more crazy than what they are doing. I also probably miss a lot since I am not always with a pen and paper near me so I have to remember and keep counting everything.