First, in reply to your topic question:

My level of stress today was to TRY to make it ZERO!
Even though I lack sleep and sleep deprived, I will try hard not to let it get in all my routines for today!

How am I going to do it and doing it right now?

As always, I started my day with prayers and meditation. In meditating, i fill my mind with these thoughts:

Just for today, I will not get angry;
Just for today, I will not worry;
Just for today, I will not be kind to ALL beings;
Just for today, I will not work in all honesty;
(The above phrases were are called Reiki principles. A meditation chant I learned when doing yoga.)

Before, when my late husband was alive (Yes. I'm a widow for over 15 years), I would always kiss him on the lips, in his cheek and forehead. Next was my routine exercise.Then, have a hearty yet very healthy breakfast meal. And off to other things I need to do within the day. Keeping in mind and heart the above meditation chant.
it sure does wonders not only in personal outlook in life but most efficiently in handling my everyday stress.

In reply about how mothers are:
[quote=Nancy Roussy]having an attitude .... so now I will do with her like I do with dad which is do what I have to do while acting like he is not there so she too will get that same treatment. [/quote]

It is best that you move away from her tantrums and attitude. Mentally and physically, she has been through A LOT! You may never just know or understand it but believe me, as a mother too, i have been through those phases in my life where my child, husband and the rest of those around me never undestand. its called hormonal imbalance. Everyone of us goes with such phase, just that mothers like your mom and me has the most triggers than men and other people in this world. Please try to understand her and never be so impatient for really there is 'something going on inside her.' Instead, help her to cope with it by not getting through her. Try not to aggravate her emotions for sometimes this condition in her could trigger untoward physical reactions that we might regret later if we will pursue heated arguments and all.

Best of all, try to make things lighter by hugging, kissing her and have that light talks by talking light conversations like perhaps some celebrity news, pets or any topics that will make her mellow down.;)

I wish and pray, it will work for you, the way it did to me. :)