I'll start with an apology for the double post, this was not like that last night (i did have lots of problem here though...that figured since that post was very personal and hard to write)!

Today was just like I thought it would be, my parents completely ignoring my meltdown last night (they both heard me say that i would soon kill myself....i even said aloud the best way to do it for me [eat nuts and just to make sure add poison on them] them ignoring it is nothing surprising....thats what they do ignore so it never happens + they just do not care) if it would not have anything to do with the Dallas Stars they would of been extremely happy today and rubbing it in my face but with that subject and a few others they never do that because they know it is close to my heart and that this is where they cannot mess with me.

As for me I have zero energy and since yesterday I am basically a zombie.