I tried the stop sign a few times after my comment here and it continued to work.

So far when I hit myself I use my hands and it's mostly on my thighs but sometimes I am so stressed and angry that I hit my head and then too I use my hands. Before I start doing that I start to call myself names. I only started doing these things about one year after moving here. I spent almost my entire life with sadness and stress but it never went that far.

I am mostly frustrated with myself because of what my life has become. To say that it is pathetic would be way too nice to describe my life.

There's still eighteen pictures to be taken with the disposable camera but tomorrow eight will be taken (i want 4 before and 4 after everytime i go get pink dye in my hair...tomorrow is my second appointment) so there will be ten left. I'm sorry it's taking so long!